“As you can see, you can’t see anything!”

We check back again and again. But nothing has happened for over 40 years. We measure, examine and test, but there haven’t been any changes. The anchor simply hasn’t budged during our long-term test at our headquarters in Waldachtal. Read on to find out why a standstill isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Everything you need to know before installing a hanging chair

02. April 2019 Do-It-Yourselfer

Vivid colours, brighter light, fresh air: springtime makes you want to try out something new and make a change. It’s time to bring out the garden furniture. Hammock chairs are especially popular. Gently swaying back and forth while enjoying the fresh spring air – the piece of furniture was made for this. Hanging chairs are […]

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Room for something new: fixings in gypsum plasterboard

28. February 2019 Do-It-Yourselfer

If there are new additions to the family or the older ones are moving out, this often means there are changes in store. After all, living and lodging signifies changes. Partitions can create new rooms or redesign spaces that have been freed up. Choosing the right anchor is crucial for ensuring that furniture and living […]

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Home gyms: the right fixings

23. November 2018 Do-It-Yourselfer

Falling temperatures are often accompanied by a fall in motivation to drive to the gym or to train outdoors. A home gym is just the thing in these conditions. Just a few pieces of equipment are enough to enable you to train at home just as effectively as you would at the gym. However, anyone […]

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A day in the working life of a construction diver

Have you ever tried to install something with your eyes closed? No? For construction divers, “blind” installations or working in zero visibility is part of their everyday work. Read on to find out how this works, what the daily work of a construction diver involves and what challenges they face.

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Small rooms, big style

26. September 2018 Do-It-Yourselfer

A square metre costs 17.50 euro in Munich, and 12.30 euro in Stuttgart: This is the average basic rent as calculated by popular comparison portals. Many city dwellers live in confined spaces due to high rent prices. Smart furnishing tricks help to make living spaces appear bigger. Inhabitants can make the most out of every […]

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How can I identify a high-quality anchor?

Hidden heroes: anchors. While these components can be small they are a crucial safety element when it comes to installations. But how can I identify whether I am holding a high-quality anchor or one that is of lesser quality? In this video Stefan will explain how you can test this at home.

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It’s time to pull your sleeves up and get to work: 10 DIY tips

18. September 2018 Do-It-Yourselfer

After summer before autumn knocks at your door: The perfect time to get the finishing touches done on your home and garden before the “fall”. Whether you are painting the living room or hanging your holiday photos: These ten tips will help you get it done.

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Revamping old walls

30. August 2018 Do-It-Yourselfer

Old buildings have history and character, which also makes them complicated. Especially when it comes to attaching furniture and home accessories to the walls. Keeping in a mind a few tips will ensure the wall cupboard doesn’t collapse on top of you after installing it.

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Hanging a hammock – how to

12. July 2018 Do-It-Yourselfer

Summertime equals garden time. A hammock is a must-have for relaxing on the terrace in the balmy hours of the evening. The only issue is that hanging a hammock can be quite complex in some circumstances and can cause problems, which is why we are showing you the optimal way to mount a hammock. After […]

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