How can I identify a high-quality anchor?

Hidden heroes: anchors. While these components can be small they are a crucial safety element when it comes to installations. But how can I identify whether I am holding a high-quality anchor or one that is of lesser quality? In this video Stefan will explain how you can test this at home.

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Safety not only depends on the anchor

05. July 2018 Craftsmen

In many cases it is the substrate that fails and is unable to carry the transferred load; or the anchor was installed incorrectly. As a trainer at the fischer Academy, the experienced former construction manager Wolfgang Schultz explains in an interview how he gives DIYers and traders an understanding of selecting the right anchor and […]

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Putting a stop to drilling dust

27. April 2018 Craftsmen

You know the drill. The bit is mounted onto the drilling machine. Your target is marked with pencil and clearly in front of your eyes. Ready, steady, go. A feeling of satisfaction many a handyman knows too well. However, taking a deep breath after drilling is perhaps not what you should do on a construction […]

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Why do I need drill hole cleaning for Chemical fixings?

13. April 2018 Craftsmen

Everyday construction life. A multitude of applications are waiting to be finished. Drill the hole, inject the resin, screw in the rod anchor and on to the next job. Just a moment: hasn’t something been forgotten? Shouldn’t the drill hole be cleaned? Some say it definitely should, otherwise the load-bearing capacity is reduced according to […]

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The right amount of mortar- all about chemical fixings

11. April 2018 Craftsmen

Our expert Stefan Huber is a trainer at the fischer Academy and a master carpenter. He has decades of experience in construction and can therefore provide practical tips and tricks for craftsmen. In the video he gives interesting information about chemical fixings. How do I find the required mortar quantity for my application? Do chemical fixings […]

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Winter tips and tricks

23. March 2018 Craftsmen

For some, working in winter means putting on the office heating or getting up earlier to scraping the car. For those that work in outdoor construction, it can mean cold hands or different considerations when it comes to products. For fischer, new seasons mean new solutions. Check out our top winter tips!

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