La Grande Arche – Facade construction par excellence

The 110-metre high multi-storey office building La Grande Arche de la Fraternité in Puteaux, west of Paris.

Heat, frost, moisture and air pollution – the passage of time affects even the most impressive buildings. “High wind loads and rain have also caused visible traces of wear and dirt to the facade of the multi-storey office building La Grande Arche in Paris”, says Steven-Henrik Maier, Market Manager France for the fixings specialist fischer […]

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On the safe track through Copenhagen

It’s a project of epic proportions: The city of Copenhagen is increasing the size of its existing metro system by two-thirds with the construction of the new “Cityringen” metro ring. Modern fixing technology is securing the railway equipment, fire protection systems, signalling technology, service ducts, wall cladding and much more.

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“As you can see, you can’t see anything!”

We check back again and again. But nothing has happened for over 40 years. We measure, examine and test, but there haven’t been any changes. The anchor simply hasn’t budged during our long-term test at our headquarters in Waldachtal. Read on to find out why a standstill isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Tinkerers for the products of the future

28. March 2019 Company

A developer who spends day and night quietly tinkering away on new products. Is this how the products of the future are developed? We asked Tobias Hirschle. As a Product Developer working with steel, he provided us with insights into his day to day work, his favourite product, and whether he comes into contact with […]

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“I learn something new every time”

15. March 2019 Company
Head Chef Franky Gissinger (r.) and Michelin-starred Chef Harald Wohlfahrt present February’s fischer gourmet dish.

We meet Franky Gissinger just after 2 pm. The Head Chef seems relaxed – despite the fact that the big lunch rush in the fischer staff canteen only ended 30 minutes ago. “Everything went well, and the employees enjoyed the food”, the 48-year-old says with satisfaction.

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En route to solutions for the future

05. December 2018 Company

Sustainability is a trending topic: be it in the world of travel, shopping or cooking, the topic of sustainability is everywhere. According to a survey by the GfK market research institute, 88 per cent of those surveyed had heard of sustainability. An island in the North Sea and a company in the Black Forest demonstrate […]

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How can I identify a high-quality anchor?

Hidden heroes: anchors. While these components can be small they are a crucial safety element when it comes to installations. But how can I identify whether I am holding a high-quality anchor or one that is of lesser quality? In this video Stefan will explain how you can test this at home.

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“Communication is the be-all and end-all”

05. September 2018 Company

Daniel Kaiser is a Product Manager for fischer. In this interview he reveals why every working day is unique, which skills are indispensable, and which product he is particularly proud of.

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Innovation on wheels: welcome to the fischer TourTruck

03. August 2018 Company

The red and white TourTruck is making its way through Europe – and is stopping off in a town near you! Get to know the entire world of fischer fixing technology and expand your knowhow. Would you like a glimpse of things to come? Then step aboard!

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“The emotions only started to come during the descent”

18. July 2018 Company

Our colleague Simon Essig dared to undertake a challenge which few people dare to do: the alpinist summited the Island Peak – one of the six-thousanders of the Himalayas. Determination, endurance and prudence helped Simon reach the peak. These are qualities that are also indispensable to him at fischer.

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