fischer Thermax: Fasten Reliably without Thermal Bridges

Fasten quickly, reliably and without thermal bridges – fischer Thermax is the innovative solution for fastening medium and heavy loads in insulated façades. You can use this solution approved by the building inspection authorities (Thermax 12 and 16) to fasten awnings and roofings in all construction materials – without any special tools.

The Energieeinsparverordnung (German Energy Saving Ordinance) is calling for increasingly thicker insulating materials for new buildings as well as for refurbishing the energy system of existing buildings. To date, heavy loads in heat insulations have mostly been fastened with auxiliary constructions consisting of wooden blocks and spreader tubes. Unfortunately, they are unfavourable in terms of structural engineering and energy efficiency and they can only be built at major cost.

fischer has come up with the Thermax so that the heat insulation on the exterior wall is not damaged during stand-off installation. With the fischer Thermax, the heat stays inside and the load is held in place securely, even on insulated façades with thermal insulation composite systems (TICS). In addition, thermal bridges cannot form that cause moisture and mould growth in the interior.

The universal fischer Thermax mounting set is offered in effective lengths of 45 through to 240 mm. The fischer Thermax 10 with an effective length of 240 mm is a new addition. When mounting, the self-cutting cone mills directly into the insulating material through the rendering coat. The anchor rod is reliably anchored with the approved fischer FIS V, FIS VS and FIS VW injection systems in perforated and solid bricks, aerated concrete and concrete.

The anti-cold cone made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic is thermally separated so that it links the anchor rod for fastening in construction materials and the setscrew made of stainless steel for mounting the console. The framework effect occurring with a static system makes it possible to favourably conduct forces into the base.

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fischer offers innovative fixings of high quality, outstanding reliability and high user convenience for professional users. Take advantage of the fischer Anchor Finder to make your choice. Simply enter the substrate and the application. The recommendations will facilitate your choice of the suitable fixing solution. For detailed selection and calculation, take advantage of the knowledge of our anchor experts of Technical Consultation. (Due to the complexity of the interaction of construction materials, fixing elements and tools, the expert product selection depends on the exact circumstances on site. Please understand that the following product pre-selection can therefore only be as accurate as the entry in the search filters. The product pre-selection must therefore be non-binding.)

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